Caravan and motorhome water filters

What types of Water filters are there ?

There are many different types of water filters fitted in caravan and motorhomes these days but the most common ones can be found in this guide.

There seems to be three types of water filter most commonly used these are :

  • External water filter
  • Strainer attached to the onboard pump
  • Inline to the kitchen tap cold feed

External water filter

Truma ultraflow

Most commonly found on Lunar and Coachman caravans the Truma Ultraflow water inlet integrates the water filter within its housing and is accessible via the blue cap within the housing itself.

To change the water filter turn the cap anti clockwise and remove the filter replace the filter with your new one before refitting the cap ensure its free from dirt so the cap creates a seal to the water filter.

This water filter should be replaced at the start of every season for the occasional caravanner and every 35 days of use for the regular caravanner.

Whale aquasmart

Most commonly used in Bailey caravans this water filter is an external filter which goes on the end of your pickup pipe which sits in the aquaroll simply unscrew the old one and screw on the new one it really couldn’t be easier. Whale recommends the filter is replaced every 3000 litres of water that passes through it or twice a season

Strainer to the onboard pump

Flojet water pump strainer

Most commonly found in swift caravans this filter can be found attached to the side of the flojet pump normally under the nearside front bunk or the offside front bunk, to change this filter you will need some kitchen roll handy as water dripping out of the pump is inevitable , you will see two blue clips one on the pump and one on the filter simply lift the blue clips and pull the filter out of the pump when refitting ensure the filter is correctly inserted into the pump before pushing the blue clip back down as this will ensure a water tight seal. There seem to be no advice on when this filter should be replaced but once a season at a minimum should be observed.

Whale AK1320 strainer

Most commonly found in Elddis and Bailey motorhomes these filters can be found attached to the side of the whale onboard water pump the removal and installation of these again will require some kitchen roll as water coming out of the pump when the filter is removed is inevitable. To remove the water filter remove the push fitting from filter inlet the remove the filter from the pump by pulling back the grey clip on the push fitting to install the new one simply push and click into place.

Advise to change at the start of every season


Most commonly used in autocruise motorhomes these are also found attached straight to the shurflo water pump and a fitted with an easy-to-use butterfly nut to unscrew and screw into place extremely easy to do and should be changed at the start of every season.



Most commonly used in Elddis caravans these filters can be found on the cold water feed to the kitchen tap possibly behind your cutlery draw, these filters are very easy to change push fit style simply pull the grey clip back and pull the push fit away from the filter do this both sides and the filter will be removed ensure you have some kitchen roll ready as water will drip out of the filter when removed. This filter should be replaced every 4500 litres or once a season.


Whatever filter you’ve got replacing them is a good maintenance item even if you do not drink the water the filters help clean your water systems clean this includes your taps and water heaters to which repair bills can be very expensive our advice is to change your water filters at least once a year regardless of whether you are drinking the water or not. We stock all water filters at all times.