Staying cool under pressure … choosing the right motorhome and caravan air con solution

Air conditioning has been a theme of June so far. With a spate of good weather, we have seen an increase in requirements for air con for caravans and motorhomes, and customers have all sorts of reasons for wanting to stay cool, from keeping pets comfortable to travelling abroad. But one thing remains constant – all of our customers go away cool and happy with their new air con. From little caravans, to extremely large motorhomes, and all in between, we have cooled them all

Our top picks for motorhome and caravan air con

Truma caravan air cons are compatible with almost all leisure vehicles whether with Truma heating or Alde heating we can join the aircon to your heating system control panel to ease the use and control of both systems from one familiar control panel. Truma also offers an unrivalled 5-year warranty on all their products when installed by a Truma installer like us.

The Truma air con comes in two types.

Roof mounted or storage box both vastly different units but with the same Truma cooling power.

Storage box type are notoriously more difficult to install due to the size of the unit and you do minimise any storage you do have.

The roof mounted aircons are a perfect solution as most of the time the old kitchen rooflight is removed and replaced with the aircon this way you don’t loose any storage and is a nice trendy addition to your leisure vehicles roof.

The roof mounted air con comes in three sizes.


With cooling power of 1700w this air con is lightweight and as the name states extremely compact which means it will fit on almost any roof even if you already have solar panels, satellite or WIFI solutions. This unit is perfect for single axle caravans up to 24ft in length, small motorhomes or van conversions.


The compact plus has a higher cooling power of 2200w but is still the same compact size which means it will fit in all the same places as the compact but will cool that bit more which makes it perfect for larger vehicles up to twin axles and larger motorhomes. This truly is a remarkable piece of kit!


The Aventa comfort really is a step up when comparing to the compact,  this unit comes with a cooling capacity of a massive 2400w meaning it is perfect for the largest of caravan or motorhomes you can throw at it but it doesn’t stop there ,  there is a built in heat pump which means this unit will also heat your leisure vehicle and when installed by us we will connect to your combi boiler meaning the combi and air con will work in conjunction to heat your vehicle or cool your vehicle as required.

The aventa comfort also comes with LED lighting on the internal diffuser so it is has a nice ambient lighting feel

If you have any queries regarding air cons for your caravan or motorhome, give us a call we will be happy to discuss and advise what we feel the best solution is for yours and your leisure vehicle’s needs. 01254 386284