Damp Repairs

If your caravan or motorhome spends most of the year in the UK, there’s a good chance it gets wet. While it might appear you only have a small damp spot in the corner, what’s lurking behind the panels can be far worse.

Assessing the Full Extent of the Problem

We’ll always ask you to bring your caravan in for a proper assessment so we can identify the true extent of any damp using our knowledge of the common water ingress points on different makes and models. You’ll get a transparent quote and we won’t start work until we have your express permission.

Complete Damp Repairs

Our above and beyond approach means that, unlike most of our competitors, we fully investigate your damp problem. This means fixing from the outside in, so we can identify and replace all affected timbers and corner mould fixing points.

If we need to remove the sides, back or even the roof, we’ll do so to ensure your safety and the long-term integrity of your caravan.

So, while you might not always get the weather, you’ll always get a quality damp repair job at C&S Caravans.

We charge £48 for repair quotes. This covers the cost of our time to examine the vehicle and complete the quote paperwork.

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“Our motorhome is only 3 years old but we have had lots of problems with water ingress and damp. Our dealer finally admitted that we needed specialist work and referred us on to C&S Caravans where we have had nothing but great service. We would recommend C&S Caravans to anyone who wants friendly, efficient service.”


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