As the weather takes a chilly turn, it’s time to bid farewell to your leisure vehicle for the season. However, before you tuck it away, ensuring proper winterization is crucial to avoid costly maintenance bills come spring. Let’s delve into the steps you need to take to winterize your vehicle effectively.

Water System

Step 1: Shutting Down the Water System
  • Turn off the water pump at the control panel.

  • Unplug any exterior submersible pump.

  • Open the drain valve at the water heater, ensuring proper drainage for Truma Ultrastore, Alde combi, and Truma combi systems.

Step 2: Draining Water and Protecting Components
  • Open all taps, allowing air into the system.

  • For single-lever mixer taps, open midway between hot and cold.

  • If applicable, press and hold the pump button to release trapped water in the toilet.

  • Drain external water tanks and protect filters from the elements.

  • Disconnect and store shower hose, blow air through the shower head, and store it safely.

  • Consider wrapping submersible pumps in a towel to prevent frost damage.

  • For internal water pumps, run them briefly to remove water.

  • Consider using a Flo Drainage Kit for a thorough water system drainage.

Toilet Maintenance

  • Drain the water holding tank into the cassette via the black tube.

  • Remove the cassette, empty, and clean it.

  • Clean the cassette with Thetford Tank Cleaner, rinse, and coat the seal and blade with Thetford Maintenance Spray.

  • Leave the cassette blade partially open during winter to prevent sticking.

Security & Parking

  • Securely park your caravan.

  • Use hitch and wheel locks, arm alarms or trackers.

  • Ensure corner steadies are down.

  • Consider leaving the motor mover engaged to prevent brake issues.

  • Protect plugs with an A frame cover.

  • Turn off all master switches to prevent battery over-discharging.

  • Check the unit every 2–3 weeks, open rooflights and windows for ventilation.

Exterior Maintenance

  • Thoroughly clean your caravan or motorhome before storage.

  • Consider a breathable cover or protective coating like Fenwicks Overwintering Fluid.

  • Protect the cover at sharp points with robust material.

  • Clean windows and avoid using cling film, as it may cause cracking.

Interior Maintenance

  • Vacuum and wash the interior for cleanliness.

  • Ensure proper air circulation to prevent dampness.

  • Clean the kitchen using caravan-specific products.

  • Store cushions upright to aid air circulation.

  • Cover cushions with breathable material to prevent dust buildup.

Following this comprehensive guide, along with your manufacturer’s handbook, will ensure your leisure vehicle is ready to hit the road when spring arrives. If you need assistance in winterizing your vehicle, we’re here to help in any way we can. Stay warm and enjoy the winter break!