Caravanning and motorhoming have become increasingly popular, and with that comes the need for clean and safe water on the go. In this guide, we’ll explore the various types of water filters commonly used in caravans and motorhomes, shedding light on their functionalities and maintenance requirements.

Types of Water Filters:

1. External Water Filters:

Truma Ultraflow: The Truma Ultraflow water inlet, commonly found on Lunar and Coachman caravans, integrates the water filter within its housing. To replace the filter, simply turn the cap counterclockwise, remove the old filter, replace it with a new one, and ensure a dirt-free seal before refitting the cap. For optimal performance, replace this filter at the start of every season or every 35 days of regular use.

Whale Aquasmart: Predominantly used in Bailey caravans, the Whale Aquasmart is an external filter attached to the end of the pickup pipe in the aquaroll. Replacement is straightforward—unscrew the old filter and screw on the new one. Whale recommends replacing the filter every 3000 liters of water or twice a season.

2. Strainer Attached to the Onboard Pump:

Flojet Water Pump Strainer: Swift caravans often feature the Flojet water pump strainer, located under the nearside or offside front bunk. Changing this filter requires lifting two blue clips and pulling the filter out. While there’s no specific advice on replacement frequency, changing it at least once a season is recommended.

Whale AK1320 Strainer: Commonly found in Elddis and Bailey motorhomes, these filters are attached to the side of the Whale onboard water pump. Removal and installation involve using kitchen roll due to inevitable water drips. It’s advised to change this filter at the start of every season.

Shurflo Water Filter: Autocruise motorhomes commonly use the Shurflo water filter, directly attached to the Shurflo water pump. With an easy-to-use butterfly nut, replacing this filter is a breeze and should be done at the beginning of every season.

3. Inline to the Kitchen Tap:

Whale Aquasource Clear Water Filter: Found in Elddis caravans on the cold water feed to the kitchen tap, this push-fit filter is easy to change. Pull back the grey clip on both sides, remove the filter, and replace it every 4500 liters or once a season.

Maintenance and Conclusion:

In summary, regardless of the type of water filter in your caravan or motorhome, regular maintenance is crucial. Clean water not only ensures safe drinking but also contributes to the overall health of your water systems, including taps and water heaters. Even if you don’t consume the water directly, changing the filters at least once a year is a wise and cost-effective practice. We stock all types of water filters at all times, ensuring you have access to the essential components for your water filtration needs. Keep your adventures clean and enjoyable by prioritising the maintenance of your water systems.