During the scorching summer months, there is always a surge in interest in air conditioning which stems from various needs, ranging from ensuring pets’ comfort during travels to facilitating overseas journeys. Regardless of the reasons, our customers consistently leave with a cool and contented experience, thanks to our top-notch air conditioning solutions tailored for diverse vehicles.

Truma: A Cool Choice for Your Caravan

Our top picks for motorhome and caravan air conditioning systems revolve around Truma, renowned for its compatibility with nearly all leisure vehicles. Whether your vehicle is equipped with Truma heating or Alde heating, we seamlessly integrate the air conditioning system into your heating control panel. This unified control simplifies the operation of both systems, offering a familiar and user-friendly experience. Opting for a Truma installer, like us, ensures a remarkable 5-year warranty on all Truma products.

Choosing Your Truma Air Conditioning Unit

Truma presents two types of air conditioning units: roof-mounted and storage box. While distinctly different, both units boast Truma’s unparalleled cooling power.

Roof-Mounted Air Conditioning Units: A Trendy and Practical Solution

For those seeking a sleek addition to their leisure vehicles without sacrificing storage space, roof-mounted air conditioning units are an ideal choice. By replacing the old kitchen rooflight, these units seamlessly integrate without compromising storage capacity. Truma offers three sizes of roof-mounted air cons:

  1. Truma Aventa Compact (Cooling Power: 1700w)
    • Lightweight and extremely compact, suitable for single axle caravans up to 24ft in length, small motorhomes, or van conversions.
    • Perfect for vehicles with existing solar panels, satellite dishes, or WIFI solutions.
  2. Truma Aventa Compact Plus (Cooling Power: 2200w)
    • Higher cooling power than the Compact, making it suitable for larger vehicles, including twin axles and larger motorhomes.
    • Maintains the same compact size for versatile installation.
  3. Truma Aventa Comfort (Cooling Power: 2400w)
    • Ideal for the largest caravans or motorhomes, offering massive cooling capacity.
    • Features a built-in heat pump, ensuring the unit can both heat and cool your leisure vehicle.
    • Seamless integration with your combi boiler for efficient heating or cooling as needed.
    • Enhanced by LED lighting on the internal diffuser, creating a pleasant ambient lighting feel.

In the pursuit of cool comfort, choosing the right motorhome and caravan air conditioning solution has never been more straightforward. Trust in Truma’s innovation and our expertise to keep you cool and content on your journeys.